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Whether you prefer liquid or solid, dribbled or spread, there are many options out there for growers when it comes to investing in muck and slurry kit, at A R Richards we try and offer as many solutions as possible.

By optimising digestate, you can reduce the requirement for other fertilisers and apply it right up to flag leaf.

Long gone are the days of clunky muck spreaders inefficiently placing clods of muck around the field. Instead, A.R Richards operate high-tech precision kit that can help farmers accelerate crop growth while keeping operations as cost-effective and precise as possible.




August 2021

The Environment Agency has issued new guidance on the spreading of organic manure, which is set to affect farmers and land managers in England. The team at A.R.Richards will continue to support all farmers through this, please contact us for clarification on how this well affect you and what we can do to help.

From the Farmers Guardian:

The new rules mean farmers can easily breach regulations when applying organic matter to fields, with the document stating farmers can apply organic manure to agricultural land that may exceed the needs of the soil or crop on that land in certain situations, but must not cause a risk of pollution. They may also not apply organic matter as a means of disposal.

Farmers will have to justify why they need to apply organic manures and also plan chemical applications, taking into account risks to water from nitrogen and phosphorous.

The latest updates are set to have the biggest impact in the east of England where most pig and poultry manures are applied ahead of autumn cropping. The new updates give these farmers an incredibly short amount of time to change their current practice. Farmers are being encouraged to seek independent advice to ensure that their farm remains compliant.

Key points from the updates:

  • The Farming Rules for Water (FRfW) – Rule 1 has requirements for planning nutrient applications of organic material (livestock manures and slurries, digestate and biosolids) and manufactured fertiliser to crops, taking into account risks to water from nitrogen (N) and phosphorous (P)
  • The Rules apply across the whole of England. Those in a Nitrate Vulnerable Zone (NVZ) should also follow the NVZ rules that have additional requirements. There should be proactive management of all crop nutrients on farm to avoid losses to water and also air (as ammonia and nitrous oxide)
  • Mitigation action must be taken where there is a significant risk to water. This might include reviewing the need for organic material, adjustment of application rates, considering alternative fields, or the export of manures
  • Organic materials applied as a means of disposal, rather than as part of a crop nutrient management plan based on crop and soil needs, will be in breach of the Rules
  • The decision-making process on whether to apply organic material and/or manufactured fertiliser should be a transparent part of manure and nutrient management planning
  • A nutrient management plan should take account of crop need, manure type, its nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P) content, rate of application, soil type and nutrient indices, and weather forecast at application.

Read the guidance in full here



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