Azaylia Foundation was created in August 2021 to fight childhood cancer, in memory of Azaylia Diamond Cain, while at the same time supporting children fighting cancer.

The Azaylia Foundation donates to UK institutions advancing early diagnosis and the availability of new treatments and collaborating with our community and other organisations to raise public awareness and campaign for change. And as long as the current system continues to let families down, we also donate towards the individual treatment of children, when treatment is not covered by the NHS.

At A.R.Richards we are keen to raise awareness for this charity, not only for the amazing work they do, but also to show our support to close friends Will Charman, his partner Dionne Eley and their inspiring daughter Phoebe-Rose. Phoebe-Rose was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia at just 2 years old and watching the family go through this has inspired and motivated us to do as much as we can for Wills family and The Azaylia Foundation.