At A R Richards, we use 2 semi-automatic CK International balers. These have a 75-tonne press capacity. Due to the high compaction force and large bale chamber, we can produce high density bales. High density bales have many benefits when moving material which include reduced storage space, increased ease of transportation and reduced waste costs.

Baling products is an essential part of our daily operations. We have multiple qualified operatives who oversee the baling process, allowing use to utilise as much of the working day as possible.

We bale all different types of commodities which we then move on for further processing/recycling which are then turned into new products, some of which you may find ending up at your own house. The main products that we bale are cardboard, hard rigids and soft plastics. The weights and sizes of the bales will always vary and this is due to the make-up of the commodity and how they compact into a bale.

If you would like to know anymore information about our baler, please get in touch.