Bagged Cement & Mortar Products

We hold a large stock of various small pre-bagged products. All of our bagged ranges are available in in 25kg bags. Alongside this our Builders Merchant stocks a complete range of concrete products, bricks & block and aggregates for all projects.

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Lafarge Bagged Products

All of the below ranges are available in in 25kg bags or 20kg. Each product offers the individual bag price as well as pallet size we can offer.
See our AGGREGATE page for Sands and Fill options.

Paper Cement

£4.60 + vat per bag

60 bags per pallet

This is a 32,5R cement used for traditional nominal mixes for all general applications. It is fully compatible with all standard admixtures such as air-entraining agents, workability aids and water proofers and is available in paper bags.

Plastic Cement

£5.20 + vat per bag

60 bags per pallet

At A R Richards we also offer Plastic Bags of Cement. General Purpose+ which is a 32,5R strength cement for excellent performance.
Available in water and tear resistant 25kg plastic packaging for durability where you may not need the product immediately.

Rapid Cement

£12.50 + vat per bag

60 bags per pallet

Rapid Set Cement from Lafarge. Rapid Set Cement is a Portland cement containing calcium aluminate for rapid hardening. It is a quality-assured BS EN 197-1 CEM II cement and carries CE marking, Rapid Set is designed for use in screeds and renders to prepare wall and floor surfaces. Setting in just one hour, it’s raid strength development means screeds can accept foot fall after 3 hours.

Super White

£12.00 + vat per bag

40 bags per pallet

Lafarge Super White is a high early strength 52,5R cement in a white colour designed for an attractive finish. Lafarge Super White Cement is a quality-assured BS EN 197-1 CEM I cement and carries the CE mark.


£4.50 + vat per bag

70 bags per pallet
20kg bag

One of our most popular products with our landscaping customers is Postmix.  Postmix is a premixed ready to use product composed of a selected blend of cements and aggregates intended for domestic use. Available in 20kg plastic (weatherproof) bags


£5.50 + vat per bag

70 bags per pallet
20kg bags

Lafarge Mortar Mix is a premixed ready to use mortar composed of a selected blend of cement, lime and fine aggregates for laying all types of bricks and blocks.

It is a quality-assured BS EN 197-1 CEM II cement and carries CE marking

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Lafarge packed products are developed, manufactured and supplied to the building industry with six fundamental principles in mind; innovation, reliability, history, quality, sustainability and health and safety

Other Products for you

Alongside our range of Lafarge Products we stock a range of small pre- bagged products such as Cement Fibres and Kiln Dried Sand.


£4.25 + vat per bag

49 bags per pallet
20kg Bags

Kiln Dried Sand is a ready-to-use clean, fine, dry sand for brushing into joints of paving to help prevent movement while still allowing drainage. Available in 25kg plastic bags. Our Kiln Dried Sand ranges in size from 0.50 to 0.063mm, with a water absorption rate of 0.1%.


£8.50 + vat per bag

56 bags per pallet
20kg bag

Patchmac is designed for the repair of paths, drives and other road surfaces. Available in 25kg plastic bags. Based on a formulation of Bitumen, Flux Oil and Limestone, Patchmac is manufactured to British Standard 4987. One 25kg bag (pail) will repair an area of approx 0.75m­² to a depth of 20mm final thickness. For a final thickness of 20mm the product needs to be spread 25mm thick prior to compaction.


£3.00 + vat per bag

Pallets on Request
900g bags

Cement Fibres are screed fibres that are an easy to use 100% virgin polypropylene micro-reinforcement system for concrete. Used in applications at a minimum of 0.1% by volume they are supplied in measured bags for accurate dosing.

They are an alternative method of secondary reinforcement to traditional systems. They are non magnetic, rustproof, alkali proof and are safe and easy to use.

We also supply Plasticiser. The Everbuild Opti-Mix Mortar Plasticiser 1 Litre Dark Brown forms extremely stable air bubbles which improve the workability of mortar, giving it a “buttery” consistency helping to prevent shrinkage, cracking, and mild frost damage during the curing process.

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