Specialists in Drainage Products

Specialising in concrete and drainage products make A R Richards your number one civil merchants. We can also provide a full installation service where required.
Drainage stock includes:

  • Sewer Pipe in various sizes
  • Inspection Chambers
  • Twinwall Pipes
  • Also stock a full range of Couplers,  Bends, Junctions, Seals and Reducers
  • Concrete Rings and Cover Slabs

ARR 100mm Twin Wall Pipe

A.R. Richards Ltd Skip Hire in Shropshire Black Pipes

We stock 100-600mm Cherry Twinwall which are BBA approved. These are all available in perforated and solid 6m lengths.

To accompany these pipes, we offer bends at various degrees: 15 o, 30 o, 45 o & 90 o ranging from the 100mm-600mm, all with the seals to suit. We offer T & Y Junctions, along with reducing junctions.

The HDPE 6 metre pipes are applicable for all non-pressurised, surface and sub-surface storm water dispersion. The smooth interior allows for optimum hydraulic flow, with a corrugated outer wall for reinforced strength.

We can also source up to 1200mm Twinwall pipe.

ARR Land Drainage Coils

A.R. Richards Ltd Skip Hire in Shropshire Land Drainage Coils

We hold stock of a vast volume of land drainage coils in various dimensions both perforated and unperforated.

Our perforated coils are designed to collect surface water in multiple applications, ranging from field drainage to household rainwater.

This can range from open drains (French drains) to attenuation systems and other large scales

Manhole Covers

A.R. Richards Ltd Skip Hire in Shropshire ARR

We stock a wide range of manhole covers including Clark Drain, Eccles and Wrekin who provide some of the most innovative, practical, durable and easy-to-use manhole covers, gully grates and access covers to suit any job, large or small.

All the cast iron covers and gully gratings available meet the requirements of the European Standards BS EN 124.

At AR Richards our manhole covers and gully grates are made with loading capabilities of 40 tonnes (gross weight) even down to the lighter pedestrian-based covers which are suited to residential, commercial, industrial building and construction.

Sewer Pipe


Our extensive range of sewer pipe is applicable for all rainwater, underground, soil, waste and PVC-UE cellular systems.
These pipes are stocked at 110 and160mm and are manufactured using the latest machinery to ensure the highest quality possible. Our manufacturer; Kalsi Plastics, also hold ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System & BBA accreditation (ref: BBA 09/4705).

We also supply a vast variety of bends and junctions to suit your every need including adjustable joints, as well as a selection of Flexseal and VIP rubber adapters for converting to and from various other pipes. Push-fit joint achieved using a ‘cap and seal’ system.

We also stock a selection of perforated sewer pipe for various uses.

Water Pipe


We stock high quality blue polyethylene water pipe manufactured by Pipelife, which are also certified to EN12201 specification, carrying a BS Kitemark. We offer rolls of 25, 50, 100 & 150m pipe lengths in various diameters; 20, 25, 32, 50 & 63mm.

To fasten the pipes, we also house a large assortment of Plasson fittings which conform to the exacting requirements of ISO 9001:2000. These fittings are manufactured to withstand pressures of up to 16 bar, along with the option for various valves to regulate the flow.

Septic Tanks / Treatment Tanks

Septic Tank

We can source a full range of septic and storage tanks to suit your requirements.

Septic tanks
Sewage treatment tanks
Pumping stations
Rainwater harvesting

All of the above can be installed on site for you by our Plant & Construction Team. 

We can also source fuel and storage tanks.



Sizes we stock:
112mm Half Round Gutter / 68mm Downpipe
150mm Half Round Gutter / 110mm Downpipe

The include a full range of fittings.

Drainage Crates

Drainage Crates

The Naylor Aquavoid-Metro range of storage crates and attenuation crates provides an economic, versatile storage system for most Water Management Attenuation uses.
Aquavoid- Metro (400kN/m2) is ideal for general use. The Metro crate is 1.2m x 0.6m x 0.3m and sits on a purpose designed base plate so open crates can then be stacked on top to form a larger void. The units have eight access points per crate making them very versatile and offering multiple options for connections, silt channels and inspection/maintenance possibilities. The Aquavoid is supported by Vortex Flow Controls, geotextiles and geomembranes.

Aquavoid-Metro has been designed specifically to meet the needs of sustainable construction as advocated by the UK Government and provides the means for rainwater, collected from roofs and pavements, to be infiltrated into the soil. The sewage system is relieved of additional loads and drying out of the sub-surface can be prevented.

Aquavoid-Metro systems can be used as a soakaway: the rainwater collected through pipes from the roof and/or road can be slowly infiltrated into the soil. By infiltrating relatively clean water into the soil, the drainage system is relieved and drying out of the sub-surface can be prevented. Infiltration of rainwater is part of sustainable construction as advocated by the UK Government.

Aquavoid-Metro can also be used as an attenuation system: when the normal drainage systems cannot cope with the volume of surface water this is diverted into the Naylor Aquavoid-Metro storage system and released slowly after the storm has passed, avoiding localised flooding.

When creating a soakaway, these underground storage units are wrapped in a heavy duty non-woven, needle punched geotextile to allow water discharge to the subsurface, but prevent any soil or sand particles to go through.

The construction of an attenuated structure is almost identical to that of a soakaway with the exception of the structure being wrapped within a geomembrane as well as a geotextile to create a sealed system allowing temporary storage of the storm water until the storm has passed.

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