Achieve Your Project Goals with Our Screening Services

No construction, landscaping or agricultural project involving loose materials is complete without proper screening. At A R Richards, we understand the importance of particle sizing for efficiency and results. That’s why we offer professional screening services using advanced equipment to sort your soils, compost, aggregates and recoverable cost-effectively.


Why Choose A.R. Richards?

With over 40 years of experience, A R Richards brings expertise spanning agriculture, construction, landscaping and specialist screening applications. Our mobile services provide:

• Precision screening from 20mm to 0.15mm particle sizes handled efficiently
• On-site processing minimising transport and handling costs
• Batch or continuous screening suitable for any volume
• Skilled technicians who understand your material requirements
• Screening combined with allied services like crushing, shredding and blending

Application We Specialise In

We handle all screening jobs including:

• Topsoil screening: We create both general-purpose and high-end topsoil’s perfect for landscaping needs.
• Subsoil screening: Ideal for construction, sub-bases or clean controlled fill.
• Compost classification: We screen mulches, wood chips and compost into grades balancing nutrition and air space.
• Aggregates screening: Customised crushed stone and gravel for drainage, concreting etc.
• Soil remediation: Reclaiming usable soil from redevelopment sites contaminated with debris
• Recoverables separation: Reclaim glass, metals, plastics, sands & fines from construction and demolition waste.


What Is Screening & Why It Matters

Screening is the separation of bulk materials like topsoil, subsoil, compost and aggregates into sizes specific to your requirements using vibrating screens and advanced sorting technology. Properly screening materials is crucial for:

• Product consistency: Screened soils, mulches and aggregates have a controlled particle size tailored to your needs. This ensures consistency whether you need high-performance bedding material or seed-friendly topsoil.
• Waste reduction: We can screen out contaminants from recycled materials on-site and recover fine soils, gravel and organic materials suitable for reuse. This diverts recoverables from landfills.
• Safety: Removing oversized objects like roots and debris ensures safety while handling and spreading. Screened soils also compact better for secure foundations.

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