A R Richards is home to a McCloskey J40 V2 crusher. It is designed to recycle inert waste on site by using a fixed jaw and a pivoting jaw which break down the waste; we break down 75mm down to dust.

We use our crusher to produce a 6F2 material which is 75mm down to dust. 6F2 is a recycled, general-purpose aggregate composed of crushed concrete, brick, and rubble from demolition projects. It is used as a sub-base material for tracks, concrete pads and roads which then can be capped off using a smaller graded quarried product such as MOT Type 1. We deliver this 6F2 as well as MOT Type 1 with our fleet of lorries to your site.

If there’s enough material to warrant the crusher coming directly to site (upwards of ~600 tonne), we can hire the crusher to you on a day rate to reduce transport costs and save money on your waste.