Fire safety is a crucial aspect of any setting. Ensuring the safety of people, property, and the environment is a top priority. This blog introduces the Thirmalert MKII Automatic Temperature Detection & Fire Suppression System, a cutting-edge solution designed to safeguard against fire incidents and talks about steps you could take during the Bonfire Night celebration to stay safe for all involved. We’ll explore how this system works and its various applications for enhancing fire safety.

Thirmalert MKII: A Game-Changing Fire Safety System

The Thirmalert MKII is a state-of-the-art fire safety system that combines temperature detection and fire suppression capabilities. This system accurately indicates temperature through Robotic Thermal Cameras connected to a control system, which, in turn, operates Robotic Suppression Cannons. When activated, the cannons apply to suppress sprays of water and suppress agents to specific areas, helping to stop temperature and fire within designated zones and preventing the spread of thermal incidents.

Key Features and Benefits

Comprehensive Coverage: The Thirmalert system provides extensive coverage from a single point of operation thanks to the combination of thermal cameras and controlled cannons.

Multiple Station Integration: For large plant areas or complex industrial settings, numerous Thirmalert stations can be strategically placed, and all cannons can be controlled locally by trained personnel using Emergency Hand-held controllers.

Automatic and Manual Override: The Thirmalert system operates automatically around the clock but also features a manual override facility. This dual functionality ensures the owner has a reliable fire safety system with the flexibility to take control when necessary.

How Thirmalert Works

The operation of the Thirmalert system is precise and efficient:

Continuous Scanning: The thermal camera scans in a configurable, predetermined path across the protected area. This constant monitoring ensures that even the slightest temperature changes are detected.

Controlled Cannons: The suppressing water cannon automatically traverses the programmed tour, delivering narrow or wide suppressing sprays to protect the designated area.

Emergency Hand-held Controllers: Site personnel can access and operate all cannons using wireless Emergency Hand-held Controllers, ensuring quick response in case of fire incidents.

Thermal Reading: The camera scans for temperatures above 300 Degrees; this saves any false alarms going off in the warehouse when vehicles are driving through.

Tailored Configuration for Maximum Safety

Each Thirmajet Station is positioned to maximise the view of the protected area, minimising blind spots. The system is designed to cover areas where activities with potential fire risks occur, such as waste processing, shredding, and baling operations. The system’s efficiency is enhanced by customising settings during the pre-commissioning and post-installation configuration periods, making it adaptable to the specific risks presented by each site.

Thirmalert’s Response to Fire Incidents

In the event of a fire incident, the Thirmajet cannon is programmed to provide continuous multi-axis jet or spray patterns. The system initially discharges on a soft spray setting and then adjusts to the predetermined angle of spray or soft jet, depending on the area’s requirements and the nature of the risk. The Thirmajet system discharges for a configurable time while the Thirmalert camera scans the risk area.

Furthermore, the Thirmalert system can be integrated with High Expansion Foam and Ember Quench systems for comprehensive protection of all process areas, making it a reliable and robust fire safety solution.

The Thirmalert MKII Automatic Temperature Detection & Fire Suppression System is a groundbreaking innovation in fire safety technology. Its advanced features, flexibility, and adaptability offer a comprehensive solution for protecting lives and property in various industrial and commercial settings. Fire safety is serious, and the Thirmalert system is vital in safeguarding against potential fire disasters.

Make Sure to stay safe during Bonfire Night

Choose the Right Location:

Select a safe and designated area for your bonfire. Ensure it’s far away from buildings, trees, or overhanging branches. Remember that strong winds can easily carry sparks and embers, so choose a location that minimises this risk.

Keep a Safe Distance:

Encourage all attendees to maintain a safe distance from the bonfire and fireworks. Create a clear safety zone around the bonfire and establish a designated area for fireworks. Children and pets should be supervised at all times.

Responsible Firework Handling:

If you plan to use fireworks, purchase them from a reputable source and follow the instructions carefully. Never attempt to make your fireworks or modify them in any way. Appoint a responsible adult to handle the fireworks and ensure they have the proper safety equipment.

Stay Sober:

Alcohol and fireworks don’t mix. The person responsible for lighting fireworks and overseeing the bonfire must be sober and alert. Consuming alcohol while handling fireworks increases the risk of accidents.

Water and Extinguishers:

In emergencies, keep a bucket of water, a hose, or a fire extinguisher nearby. It’s essential to be prepared to put out any unexpected fires quickly.

Sparkler Safety:

If you plan to give children sparklers, ensure they know the safety rules. Always hold sparklers at arm’s length, wear gloves, and dispose of them in water when they burn out. Sparklers can reach incredibly high temperatures and should be handled with care.

Pet Safety:

Many pets can become frightened by the loud noises of fireworks. Ensure your pets are safe and secure indoors, where the noise is less likely to distress them. Keep windows and curtains closed to muffle the sound.

Bonfire Safety:

Build your bonfire with care. Use dry, seasoned wood, and avoid using accelerants like gasoline to start the fire. Always keep a watchful eye on the bonfire, and do not leave it unattended.

Emergency Contacts:

Make sure you have emergency contact numbers, including the local fire department and medical services, in case of any accidents.

Clean Up Carefully:

After the celebrations, thoroughly extinguish the bonfire and ensure all fireworks are appropriately disposed of. Clean up the area to prevent any accidents or fires in the aftermath.

By following these fire safety tips, you can have a fantastic Bonfire Night celebration without putting yourself, your loved ones, or your property at risk. Remember, safety first, to enjoy the festivities to the fullest. Have a wonderful and safe Bonfire Night!