Last week, we had the pleasure of welcoming Market Drayton and Hodnet Fire & Rescue
Service to our Head Office at Bensite.

Here at A R Richards, within our operational sheds we have a fully automated fire detection
& suppression system, which would enable us to suppress a fire quickly should one occur.
In the unlikely event of an incident the system is designed to detect and supress the source
of the fire using advanced thermal imaging technology and a high-pressure water cannon, to supress the fire until the Fire & Rescue Service can reach us. The system was installed 2 years ago, as we believed it was an important thing to implement, due to the continued annual growth of the business and increase in staff numbers on site.

We invited both fire station crews to come and view the system and see it in action during a
live test which is part of our monthly maintenance. They stated that they had never seen a
system of this type in action before, only read about them in magazines.

It was a great opportunity for them to see it working, as they were able to gain experience
on how it works, but also as they are our two closest Fire & Rescue services, it was beneficial
for them to familiarise themselves with our site if we ever did need them in an emergency.

In the new year we hope to welcome both Prees and Whitchurch Fire & Rescue crews to
also view the system working and help them gain experience in how it works too!