Global Garbage Man Day!

With today being Global Garbage Man Day, we thought it was the perfect opportunity to introduce our “Bin Ladies” Chloe Richards and Jenny Smith, who form an integral part of our Euro Bin team.

Chloe Richards

Chloe has been managing our bin department since 2018 and covers all  aspects of the role from managing the bin round, accounts, customer
service, drivers’ mate, and cleaning/delivering bins – all we need is for her to get her Class 2 licence to drive the wagons and she will be the ultimate “bin lady”!

Office lady

Jenny joined Chloe’s team in April and works 3 days in the office and 2 days on the road in the bin wagon, loading and assisting the driver. Being on the bin round gives her the fortunate advantage of being able to see both sides of the business. Jenny says ‘It’s been lovely to meet the trade customers, and the farmers. When we are out on the road, we can offer advice or to iron out any issues that they may be having. I have had some funny looks from the public, The best being from a little boy shouting ‘Look Mummy, a bin Man, and a bin Woman!!!!’

We are always looking to grow this side of the business whether it’s for a one off event or a more permanent basis, we are happy to discuss your options with you. Please feel free to give our euro bin division a call on 01630 639888 ext. 4 with any enquires you have.