Gone Fishing……. John Batha

How has a year gone already?

One year ago today we lost a great friend and colleague, John Batha.

John started working with us in June 2009, just 6 months after we opened the new waste transfer station on Sutton Road.  We were all fully emersed in the new venture when John came along and provided the calm and experience needed to help the business to grow to where it is now.

Although John had a laid back, calming influence, don’t be deceived, he would happily give you his opinion, do things his own way, whether it was agreed with or not and he did not suffer fools gladly.

John very quickly became an important and valued part of the A.R.Richards team, brightening our day with tales of fishing and his beloved family – a weekend spent with Sandra, his wife, and fishing was a weekend well spent. If he managed a few pranks on his boys, then all the better!

Part of the ‘Old School’ club, John would never let a conversation pass without asking how you are and being genuinely interested family life, once we had got the boring work stuff out of the way (his words, not mine!).  He valued hard work and manners and expected nothing less from everyone else.

Sadly, John was fighting a battle with his health that, despite his strength, courage and humour, he would in the end lose.

At the time of John’s passing the company was in the process of purchasing two new bin lorries (which just happened to be Johns least favourite wagon to tip) so we thought it would be fitting to have his name put onto both wagons as a tribute to his time and commitment to the company.