But why is the day that Jesus died on the cross called Good Friday? – What is good about it? It’s good because it’s the day that reminds us of Jesus’ sacrifice for the salvation of the world, if this day didn’t happen then there would be no resurrection day.

Traditions vary heavily depending on a person’s religion. In church, Good Friday is a day of mourning and to remember Jesus’ suffering and death on the cross; for others it’s to have hot cross buns for breakfast, which marks the end of the 40-day period of lent.

Resurrection day – also known as Easter Sunday, celebrates the day that God raised Jesus from the dead. As eggs are a symbol of new life, Easter eggs are used as the symbol for the resurrection of Jesus.

Traditionally, chicken eggs would be hard boiled and hand-decorated, but nowadays, we are more used to the chocolate Easter Eggs and the ever-popular Easter Egg hunt.

For many, the bank holiday weekend gives us a chance to spend time with family, enjoy a few extra days off work and eat all the chocolate. hopefully the weather will surprise us to, so we don’t have the typical bank holiday rain!

At A. R. Richards we have taken the opportunity to raise some money for charity. Our accounts team have been busy running an Easter tombola and selling Easter Eggs complete with a fluffy Easter Bunny teddy to raise money for Marie Curie.

Both of our sites at Tern Hill will be open for some of the weekend, so there is still time to get any last-minute supplies for any DIY projects or a skip for spring cleaning.