Happy World Book Day, as we celebrate our love for reading, let’s not forget about our impact on the environment. Books are made from paper, and paper production has a massive impact on our planet. So, this World Book Day, let’s also focus on recycling books and reducing our carbon footprint.

Here are a few fun ways to celebrate World Book Day while recycling books:

Donate your books: Donating your books to schools, libraries, or charity shops is an excellent way to recycle them. You can give them a new life while supporting a good cause.

Host a book swap: Organise a book swap with your friends, family, or co-workers. It’s a fun way to discover new books to read and exchange books you’ve already read.

Sell your books online: If you have books in good condition, you can sell them online on websites like Amazon or eBay. It’s a great way to make some extra cash and recycle books at the same time.

Alternatively, at the end of a book’s life, it can be processed and recycled into brand new books or paper!

Paper is a waste stream we accept here at A R Richards, which we have a 100% recycle rate on. We separate paper from other waste streams and create bales which then is sold to paper recyclers, who grade the paper, recycling high quality paper into new paper, and wastepaper being used for fibre bed pans, ceiling tiles, loft insulation and animal bedding.

Every tonne of paper recycled saves 17 trees, producing 73% less air pollution than the production of paper from raw materials.

So, let’s celebrate World Book Day by reading and recycling books. Let’s do our part in protecting the environment while enjoying the magic of literature. Happy reading!