This year Comic Relief has revealed what they think might be the “most perfect nose in history”.

The reason it is a nose is all because of Comic Relief founders Sir Lenny Henry and Richard Curtis.

Many years ago, Henry and Curtis were in a meeting discussing the concept of Comic Relief. They were on the hunt for a charity symbol that was bold and fun but also simple – and it had to be something you could wear. One person in the meeting joked, ‘what about a red nose!’ The rest is history. The first red nose design came about in 1988 and it was a plain affair.

Nowadays, the design is changed each year to encourage people to want to buy the different and up-to-date model. The latest design, created by Sir Jony Ive, (designer of some of Apples biggest products) is made from 95% plant-based materials, which makes us and the planet very happy!

With approximately 5.8 million noses sold it is important that they are fully recyclable and after 18 months of development they have come up with plastic free alternative materials. Once you have finished with your nose (if you don’t want to keep it) it can be recycled at your local Sainsburys store.

At A.R.Richards we will be coming to work dressed in anything red, wearing our Red Noses and raising as much money as we can for Comic Relief!