Here at A R Richards, we supply high quality Indian Stone to perfect your patios.

One of the many reasons that Indian sandstone paving slabs are held in such high regard within the world of landscaping is that it is renowned for its range of unique colouring and finishes.

The high-quality Indian stone flags here at A R Richards are durable and versatile. The natural finish of the sandstone paving offers a textured and rustic look. It is this look that ensures Indian stone patio slabs will enhance any outdoor space.

Whether you are looking for a paving solution for a secluded spot in your garden, a focal feature in a courtyard or want to undertake a larger garden project, you will find a wide array of Indian sandstone patio pavers here at A R Richards.

Our team can share lots of great ideas and ways in which you can express your personality and lifestyle with the help, Indian stone flags really can reflect the character of your home and your family in a truly unique way.

Patio Slabs