May 28th marks the Stockport Krazy Races event, today we took our bins over for the event. Make sure you keep an eye out for them and recycle that waste!

Our own Marketing Assistant Beth will be there to capture all the fun to share with you all, but who is going to be the winner? The Batmobile, a giant Robinson Brewery beer bottle, a Space rocket and Postman Pat’s famous red van were just a few of the 30+ soapboxes being put through their passes at the Krazy Races Scrutineer event.

Krazy Races is a soapbox derby, much like the well known RedBull Soapbox races, it takes place on Sunday 28th May and is completely FREE to attend! It is expected that thousands of locals and spectators from around local areas will be in attendance to cheer on the Krazy, wacky and outrageous soapbox downhill racers.

For anyone still wondering: a soapbox derby is an event fuelled by armature teams in hand-crafted karts and fun themed costumes, competitors work their way through a knockout style competition where the fastest 10 cars making it to the final. Then the real battle for the trophy commences…if 10 karts make it to the final that is! Soapbox races are notorious for their chicanes, obstacles, water and more that take out many hopefuls rather quickly.

Racing starts at 11am, there is a lunch break between 1pm and 2pm where the Lancaster Bomber is expected to fly over, racing will then recommence with the final 10 battling for the win at 4:30 and the trophies presented at 5pm. There are plenty of other fun and exciting activities to take part in through the day. It’s a perfect day out for all ages, can’t wait to see you there!