In a world where every child’s first moments are celebrated, Hope House & Ty Gobaith believes every child’s last moments should be just as precious. The Final Moments Matter campaign by Hope House ensures that no family has to face the unimaginable loss of a child alone. At A.R. Richards Ltd, we are proud to stand by this cause and call on everyone to join us in supporting this vital mission. The generous Matchers had already contributed over £275,000 in funding to make a difference.

Vehicle Tribute: Turning Our Commitment into Motion

At A.R. Richards Ltd, we believe in tangibly expressing our commitment to partner charities. We showcase our support by decorating some of our vehicles with the flags of our endorsed charities. Throughout this blog, you will find images of our beautifully designed Lorry, Bin Wagon, and Baler proudly displaying the flags of Hope House, symbolising our unwavering support for their incredible work.

Final Moments Matter: Hope House’s Impact in 2022/23

Hope House Children’s Hospices believes every child deserves the best end-of-life care and support, surrounded by love and compassion. In 2022, the community rallied together and raised an astounding £563,431, providing vital resources for end-of-life care. As we step into 2024, the goal was to make it an even brighter year. The 36-hour fundraising marathon aimed to raise funds for the best care and support for those most need it.

A.R. Richards Ltd’s Contribution: Making a Difference Together

In this year’s campaign, A.R. Richards Ltd actively supported Hope House’s mission. We raised just over £50,000, contributing to the astonishing total of £611,162 collected by Hope House by the end of the 36-hour marathon.

The Grand Finale: Hope House Goes Live with Imagine Dragons and More

As the 36-hour marathon peaked, Hope House went live on YouTube for a grand finale. The event featured fantastic performances from world-renowned artists like Imagine Dragons, local talents such as Cor Meibion Colwyn, On The Mark Youth Theatre Group, and the enchanting voices of MVOX.

Join Us in Making Every Moment Count

Hope House Children’s Hospices’ Final Moments Matter campaign is a cause that touches the hearts of many. Join A.R. Richards Ltd and the community in making a difference. Your support can help ensure that every child’s last moments are filled with care, love, and the support they deserve.

Donations can be accepted up till the end of the 24th of November, so please get your last-minute donations in now!

Hope House Tŷ Gobaith – Charity Extra

Together, let’s make every moment count.