Merchants Improvements

EPOS System

We have recently had a major overall and changed our Sales software over to an up-to-date EPOS system. Giving us the ability to improve Sales, Ordering, Quotations, Stocks and Purchase History whilst overall improving the customers experience whether that be a straightforward sale or a slightly more complicated one. The Touch screen means we are always facing the customer and improving communication whilst speeding up the transactions.

Improvements in the Purchasing side of the EPOS system has now given us more ability to keep track of supplier’s rates during this unprecedented volatile market to make sure we are getting the best deals for our customers.

With the ability for future additions such has handheld tablets and barcode system there are ways to improve processes even further.

Yard Developments

It has been a right team effort, but we are starting to see the results of all the hard work to improve the yard not only for stock location but overall accessibility and movements. As we have been growing as a division, we have increased stock lines and levels exponentially and were squeezing stock into every space available. But over the last couple of months, we have had sleeper trackers laid around the site to improve the roadways for customer and delivery vehicles. As well as having the complete back yard revamped by one of our own digger teams stoning up and rolling it all in readiness for us to fill with stock.