Gardens come in all shapes and sizes, filled with blooming flowers that bring beauty to the world or healthy vegetables to feed families and friends. All these flowers and vegetables need maintaining in order to grow as well as to preserve their amazing appearance. This can be a daunting task, however the joy and satisfaction from a well-kept garden or allotment is something not to be overlooked. Though gardens have been a part of human history for quite some time, National Gardening Day started only recently, the first being in 2018. We manage to play a small role in helping with your gardening needs.

If you need wooden sleepers to make raised beds, Indian/porcelain slabs to create the perfect area to have friends and family round or simply want to replenish your lawn with topsoil, we can supply all these products delivered to your door. We can even provide skips to help clear any waste.

All your waste that is put in our skips is separated and recycled where possible. For example, green waste is segregated, then processed in various forms to create two products: soil improver and arb chip.

Both products are then recycled; soil improver is used for improving soil qualities in various applications and the arb chip is used for the production of energy from waste.

Here are a few fun ideas if you are wanting to get more involved in gardening this year;

Join a gardening club – a quick online search should help you to find any local gardening clubs or societies. Hobbies can be more enjoyable and effective when people with similar interests learn and interact together.

Rent an allotment – if you have limited to no space to garden where you live, then look into renting an allotment. These can provide the enjoyment of creating and growing your own garden but also, get you out of the house and into the community.

Research – do some research into a new species of plant you want to grow in your garden this year. There are lots of different resources you can use to learn more about plants, for example; The Complete Gardener’s Guide book, Love Your Garden TV channel, website or Roots & All podcast.

Gardening can really make a difference in the way people feel, research has even proven that gardening can help with improving your mental health and mood.

Why not give it a try?

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