Our Road Safety Campaign

As it is the beginning of December, we thought it would be a great idea to launch a
campaign that we have been working on as a team here at A R Richards, to help stop
dangerous driving, especially as we start to enter the festive season.

We have been working on a campaign to stop driving under the influence of alcohol and
drugs, and also the use of mobile phones while driving. All these three factors caused
delayed responses while in control of a vehicle, with the reaction time while behind the
wheel sometimes being the difference between life and death of some victims.

We have created our own ‘car crash scene’ on site at Bensite, our Head Office, which shows
the potential repercussions of dangerous driving. We also have posters scattered with real


Stuart Williams, our Transport Manager, has stated, ‘we chose to carry out our own road
safety campaign as many of our team have seen first hand how lives can be ruined because of the result of dangerous driving, including drink driving, drug driving and use of mobile phones behind the wheel. We believed spreading knowledge and understanding on this topic is the least we could do here at A R Richards, as even if it could change one person’s views and actions with dangerous driving, it can potentially save lives.’


Michael Dauscha, our Operations and Health & Safety Manager, who was the founder of the campaign, has also said, ‘the campaign above is poignant, especially during the festive seasons. I feel it is imperative to highlight awareness of this topic and hopefully in return of my doing, prevent accidents. We collectively choose to conduct this campaign internally for our own employees, however as we have an extensive third party of logistics visiting site, it has already become a topic close to many people’s hearts and just by talking about it we are able to raise awareness. Albeit our message is hard hitting we feel that prevention is better than cure and by doing our little part will hopefully entice others to conduct similar campaigns. If we can stop even just one person from being under the influence of either drugs and or alcohol or using their phone whilst driving we have achieved our aim.’