My name is Lara, I have recently joined the accounts team at A R Richards as an Accounts assistant. I work with the Sales and Purchase Ledger departments and am helping them to move over to a paperless environment.

We have recently purchased new software to accommodate this on both Sales and Purchase ledger.

We use PaperLess Europe on the purchase ledger side, this means I can easily move email and portal invoices to the new paperless system where it remembers prior suppliers or if a new supplier, I can create the details on Sage to link and process the invoice. This in turn leaves a trail of who the invoice had been sent to for authorisation, it is a quicker and more efficient process.

Laura who is our Purchase Ledger Administrator and not always the most accepting of the tech world absolutely loves the new system, everything is stored online, easily accessible for the times when colleagues request historic invoices, each invoice has full traceability of each staff member that has dealt with it, delivery notes can be connected to the corresponding invoice at any time, notes can be saved plus many more options she is currently learning. The system has cut the process time in half and saved filing time and general paper by 100%.

We use Isys Weighsoft on the sales ledger side. This means I have a system that allows me to check tickets raised by the Transport and Weighbridges for customers, once checked I process them for invoicing. Once invoiced I can then email the invoices out in a bulk section to the customers.

Karen who is our Accounts Manager says that the Weighsoft system we use for invoicing has been a godsend, it has cut the time we take to invoice in half. We no longer need to print tickets/invoices and have now eliminated the need for scanning and endless amounts of filing.

I am also currently updating customer accounts to encourage customers to provide email addresses eliminate printing invoices and using postal services.
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Moving to a paperless office not only helps the environment it also reduces stationary costs. This contributes to our 97% recycle rate.