Fly-tipping is said to cost up to £392 million a year

There has been rise in fly-tipping, especially during the Pandemic; local authorities dealt with approximately 1.13 million fly-tipping incidents in 2020/21, up approximately 16% from 2019/20. Fly-tipping is said to cost up to £392 million a year

There is no excuse for anyone to be dumping rubbish. Not only is this a criminal offence, its unsightly and potentially dangerous for the environment and public health. It also affects the whole community as council taxpayers end up with the bill for the clean-up operation.

Let us collectively tackle this hence “We ask anyone who spots fly-tipping to contact their local authority. The message from local councils is, report it and we will sort it”

We as a company do our part by conducting daily litter picking between the junction of the A41, passed HMP Stoke Heath to our place of work. We can and have collected up to half a refuse bag of rubbish per day.

If you wish to dispose of any waste, regardless of waste type please contact us and we will advise.