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Recycling Process

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Recycling Process

When your waste is tipped at one of our sites is when the hard work begins.

Firstly the driver will determine which site & tipping bay the waste will need to go to.

AR Richards Warrang hanger site Warrant Hangar Our Warrant hangar site is the home for the inert, wood & green waste material. AR Richards Bensite site Bensite Our Bensite facility is the home for the general & hazardous waste materials.

Once the material has been tipped the recycling operatives get to work, separating all the waste into the designated material bays. Once the material has been separated it will be sent to our bailing operation. This process is to ensure that we maximise weight efficiency for future transportation. This also helps reduce any environmental impacts by using less transport.

Once the material is baled it will be stored ready to move to it’s final recycling destination. Where possible we will try to send our material to a UK processing plant, if this is not possible we send material all over the world in either shipping container or articulated lorry’s.

Dependent on the material this will then be re-manufactured into similar products. Please click here to see what will happen to your waste streams after they have been processed.

*Please note our prices are changing from 1st Aril 2019.

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