We hope all our customers had a lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year!

As the festive period has just passed, we have seen an increase in the intake of food waste
within our waste division, especially from our Euro Bins and therefore we thought it would
be fitting for us to explain what we do with our food waste and how we are able to
reuse/recycle it.

We separate the food waste from the general waste that is brought into our Mixed
Recycling Facility and send it off site to be organically recycled. The process that is used for
this is called Anaerobic Digestion. This process involves the natural breakdown of
biodegradable products, in a specific controlled environment, with the absence of oxygen,
to create a biogas. The biogas is then converted into heat and power (CHP), which is used to
power the sites broiler unit, and the excess is exported to the National Grid to generate
electricity externally. The remaining food waste product, called digestate is full of nutrients
and therefore creates a suitable liquid biofertilizer, which is spread onto farmland, in
replacement of synthetic fertilisers.

This process has a huge environmental benefit, as not only does it decrease the amount of
waste sent to landfill, but it is also a process that reduces greenhouse gas emissions greatly.

If you are wanting to recycle your food waste, or any waste, more efficiently and
environmentally friendly, please get in touch with us today! Call 01630 639888 or Email

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